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Mark David Zahn

Green Bay, WI


My name is Mark David Zahn and these are my photographs. Shutter Happens Photography is my window to the world, and sharing my unique point of view with the world... one print at a time.

I crave striking contrasts. I love drawing deep, inky black-and-whites with my camera. I soak in the world through commanding color palettes and interesting perspectives. I get a creative charge out of every shot I take, and love highlighting the beauty that surrounds me here in the Midwest.

I live and work in Green Bay, Wisconsin with my wife, daughter and two cats. You may see a lot of my favorite Wisconsin spots in my work, as well as a lot of my second home in Northern Minnesota, where my wife's family lives. I also pepper in photos from my various travels.

Thanks for visiting!

~Mark David Zahn
Shutter Happens Photography

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Rawley Point Lighthouse Under Smoldering Skies


Golden Spring Rush At Thomson Dam


Green Fresnel Gleaming


Frozen North Pier


Wequiock Walls Of Ice


Keeping Watch For Ships In Winter


Icy Protrusion On The North Pier


Winter Sunrise Over A Swinging Bridge


The Frost Across


Split Rock Shoreline


Stone And Ice At Wisconsin Point


Wintery Cross Section of Nature


Winter Slough


Fresh Coat Of Rust


Munger Trail Crossing


Early Snowfall On The Saint Louis River


Door County Picture Postcard


Glistening Autumn Dew


Autumn Rain Over Door County


Red Light On Lake Michigan


Autumn Vistas of Nicolet Bay


Autumn Afternoon On The Winding Road


Growth Industry


Fall Morning On The East River


Pretty Purple Pair of Petunia Pots